Dino Discovery James


December 2016

Item Number:


Dino Discovery James (also known as Dino Quest James) is an Adventures talking engine. It includes a Talking James with a snap-on dinosaur skull piece. Pressing the button on James' cab activates a random phrase and his lamp turns on.


  • "T-Rex on the tracks! ("roar")"
  • "Raptors don't scare me at all. ("roar") Yikes, maybe a little!"
  • "Rumble the rails! That volcano is about to blow! ("eruption")"
  • "Oh look! A Sodor-saurus, ("growl") and a rare Diesel-dactyl!"("shriek")
  • "Beware! Hot lava up ahead! ("weesh")"
  • "Ariving at the next stop! ("shriek") Yikes!"


  • James is voiced by Rob Rackstraw.
  • The prototype version featured James without the dinosaur skull.


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