Talking Henry



Item Number:

  • T0200 (2010)
  • CFT00 (2015)
Talking Henry is a Talking Engine. Henry speaks phrases and his headlamp lights up when his button on his cab is pressed. Voiced by Kerry Shale (US) and Keith Wickham (UK).


  • Take-n-Play model (made in China, sixteen wheels, chuffing sounds in wheels) (2010-2012)
  • Take-n-Play model (made in Thailand, CGI style face, updated body, unpainted buffers, chuffing sounds when button is held) (2013-2014)
  • Take-n-Play model (ten wheels, one way magnets) (2015-present)


2010-2012 version:

  • Toot Toot! "Hello, I'm Henry!"
  • "I'm the number three green engine!"
  • Toot Toot!
  • "I'm a really useful engine." (US)
  • "I'm ready to be really useful." (UK)
  • Tooooot!
  • "Bust my buffers! How exciting!"

2013-present version:

  • "Hello, I'm Henry!" TooTooToot!
  • "I'm ready to help!"
  • "Bust my buffers! How exciting!"
  • TooTooToot! TooTooToot!
  • "Ready to be really useful!"


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