Thomas' Shark Exhibit



Thomas' Shark Exhibit is a set.


  • Thomas
  • Blue Truck
  • Shark
  • Shark drop
  • Shark loader
  • Fold Out Playset


  • On the box artwork, the version with the 2009 Thomas is running on TrackMaster track near the Shark loader. However, the version that has the 2013 Thomas is running on track from the TV Series near the Shark loader.
  • The Blue Truck included is made out of plastic, has fake wheels and instead of magnets it uses a hole for the engine's magnets to go in.
  • The commercial for this set uses the 2013 version of Thomas.
  • In the instructions, there is a note that reads: "May not work with all engines".
  • On the front of the box, a piece of trackmaster track is seen on the 2012 box on the right side.



Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Shark Exhibit Playset00:17

Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Shark Exhibit Playset

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