These are the rules of this wiki. If you disobey them then you will recive a strike or ban.

General Rules

  • You need to be 9+ to join this wikia. If anyone is found to be under the age limit, they will be be banned.
  • Please do not aggravate or talk to spammers as it only encourages them to cause more damage.
  • No swearing or using any sexual language.
  • No spamming, including typing things in "ALL CAPS", and any page on the wikia.
  • Only edit your user page and not anyone else's (unless they ask you to edit their user page).
  • Do not discuss anything else in the Thomas Universe such as the TV series.
  • No saying Thomas & Friends (or related shows) is for babies or anything like that. Because it is not, it is for all ages.
  • No speculation.
  • No bashing any other wikia.
  • Article talk pages are used to only discuss changes to the article, not for a discussion about the thing in the article itself.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Keep Religious arguments off this Wiki.
  • Do not post inaproppraite comments or pages.
  • No bashing anyone's opinion on a product.
  • Do not remove your own or anyone else's message wall content, unless it's a spam message. 
  • No blocking or striking anyone for no reason.
  • And absolutely no vandalism!

Editing Guidelines

While these are not technically rules, these are things we advise all users to do when editing articles.

  • Please log in before making a edit. Making it as an anonymous user is considered spam as doing so, we do not know the person who made the edit.
  • Please write with correct spelling, grammar and puncuation on articles.
  • Remember to use an info box for a product page and write the year it was released.
  • For sets, and some packs and track packs, list the contents of the item.
  • Use simple categories, i.e for a set, use "Sets" and which type of set it is, and for engines use "Engines", "Steam Engines" and which type of engine it is. Do not make any new categories, but if you want to, ask an admin first.
  • And lastly, please do not come complaining to an admin when your edits are deleted off of an article by a user. Expect your edits to be either reverted completely or further tweaked to fit the exact topic of the article. That's how a wiki works. 

Image Rules

  • Make sure that what you name the image makes sense. In other words, do not name an image "jbf2354438fbcjw*Y78283eR%$&R&%.jpg", "Picture 001.JPG", "Capture 002.png" or similar. Name it after the article and use Take-n-Play and what the product is, for example, "Take-n-PlayStanley2.jpg" "SirHandel42.jpg" or similar. Abbreveations such as "TAP" and "TNP" can be used as well.
  • When adding images, please upload images that are relevant. Do not upload a duplicate or a simaliar looking image to one that is already there, and make sure they are free of any watermarks (for example, a shop's name printed on it or a date)
  • Do not upload any other Thomas and Friends images, including TV series, books, and other merchandise.
  • Do not upload fan-made images.
  • Images of your own collection may be used as long as they are limited and that they are only used on your own user page.
  • Do not post any links when adding pictures to a gallery.

Strike Gallery

All admins should use these templates if someone disobeys any of these rules:

Take-n-Play'ArryandBert You have recieved a strike. Two more and you will be blocked.
Take-n-Play2015Diesel You have recieved two strikes. One more and you will be blocked.
Take-n-PlayDart&Den You have recieved three strikes. You will be blocked after this.
Take-n-Play2015Diesel10 You have been blocked.

Thank You! The following users have the authority to strike anyone who gets out of hand Ivan Kakooza (Talk), ThomasSirHandel (Talk), HIROD51 (Talk) ThomasAutisticEngine (Talk) Jdogman (Talk) BLW1500 (talk

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