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We have over 401 articles about Thomas Take-n-Play Wiki related subjects, including the characters, the packs, the talking engines, the pull 'n zoom!s, the sets and the track.

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ThomasEdwardHenryGordonJamesPercyTobyDonaldDouglasEmilyRosieDieselMavisDiesel 10'ArryBertSpencerMurdochMollyStanleyStephenSkarloeyRheneasSir HandelPeter SamRustyLukeDukeMighty MacFreddieHiroHankVictorCharlieSaltyFloraFerdinandBashDashWhiffArthurBillBenScruffFlynnBelleD199DennisDenDartNormanPaxtonSidneyNevilleWinstonHectorSir Topham HattMr. PercivalBertieHaroldElizabethMadgeKevinCaptainJackAlfieIsobellaByronKellyButchAnnieClarabelTroublesome TruckRockyCrankyColinOwen

  • Welcome to the Thomas Take-n-Play Wikia!
  • Stephen! Nickname: "The Rocket"
  • Luke the Green Engine
  • Welcome Stafford!
  • Hector the newest Truck on the range!
  • Gordon's DieselWorks Delivery, a Brand-New 2013 pack.
  • Victor in his yellow livery when he first arrived on the Island of Sodor!
  • Paxton the Young Diesel
  • Watch out! Crawling spiders Diesel!
  • Watch out for the bumpy ride, Percy!
  • Winston the Track Inspection Vehichle has rail wheels in Take-n-Play!
  • Thomas Talks!
  • Set the Blue Mountain Mystery DVD movie off to Pull 'n Zoom Action!
  • Work at the Smelter's Yard, Paxton!
  • Try Me! Pull Thomas' caboose!

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The Great Quarry Climb is a Take-n-Play set released in 2012.

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