Train Maker


  • June 2016 (Take-n-Play)
  • 2017 (Adventures)

Item Number:

  • DMV91 (Take-n-Play)
  • FBC75 (Adventures)
Train Maker is a Take-n-Play and Adventures set. It features a Sodor Steamworks assembly line and a hopper where three train pieces can be loaded. When the plunger is pushed, the chassis on the platform goes down the assembly line. Pushing the plunger three times drops each of the engine pieces from the hopper on to the chassis at a time. Pressing the lever lowers the press and snaps the three engine parts together. The lever can be pressed again to release the engine and roll it down the track. Additional accessories can be placed on the engine at the bin. Track pieces can be added underneath the Train Maker. Additional packs can also be added to the maker.


  • Train Maker
  • Slope track piece
  • Track piece with accessory bin
  • Six blue wheels chassis
  • Four grey wheels chassis
  • Thomas front, boiler, and cab pieces
  • Salty front, engine, and cab pieces
  • Diesel front, engine, and cab pieces
  • Two headlight pieces
  • Two side-rod pieces
  • Two steam cloud pieces