• BP1992

    These are some of the Multi-Car Packs that I came up with on my own. Here they are.

    1. Thomas Great Race Pack - Based on Thomas and Bertie (includes Thomas, Annie and Clarabel, and Bertie)
    2. Thomas and Percy's New Friend - Based on Thomas, Percy, and Old Slow Coach (includes Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach)
    3. Rosie Pulls it Alone - Based on Rosie's Funfair Special (includes Rosie and two funfair trucks)
    4. Emily and her Coaches - Based on Emily's New Coaches (includes Emily and her two coaches)
    5. Gordon and the Express - Based on Gordon Runs Dry (includes Gordon, two Green Express Passenger Coaches, and Green Express Brake Coach)
    6. Mavis and the Quarry Trucks - Based on Mavis (includes Mavis and three Ffarquhar Quarry Trucks)
    7. Edward Passenger Set - Based on E…

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  • BP1992

    Gift Pack Ideas 2

    June 13, 2013 by BP1992
    • Bertie
    • Sir Topham Hatt's Car
    • Harold
    • Butch
    • Captain

    • Annie
    • Clarabel
    • Henrietta
    • The Opened-Topped Carriage (5-Pack Excusive) 
    • The Sodor Works Unit Coach

    • Milk Tanker 
    • Fuel Tanker
    • Oil Tanker
    • Cream Tanker
    • Tar Tanker
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  • BP1992

    Gift Pack Ideas

    May 8, 2013 by BP1992

    These are some Gift Pack Ideas for Take-n-Play that I made up myself. I hope that Fisher-Price will come by and see this one day. 

    • Thomas
    • Percy
    • Toby
    • Mavis
    • Rosie 

    • Diesel
    • Arry
    • Bert
    • Sidney
    • Paxton 
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  • BP1992

    We've let Fisher-Price decide what new Take-n-Play products come out. It's time to let the fanbase decide now. What are your ideas for new Take-n-Play trains and products? 

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  • BP1992

    Buying Take-n-Play Trains

    March 12, 2013 by BP1992

    If you had the money, would you buy trains with it like I do?

    If so, then which engines would you get first and which engines are not worth getting? 

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