These are some of the Multi-Car Packs that I came up with on my own. Here they are.

Story Based Packs 

  1. Thomas Great Race Pack - Based on Thomas and Bertie (includes Thomas, Annie and Clarabel, and Bertie)
  2. Thomas and Percy's New Friend - Based on Thomas, Percy, and Old Slow Coach (includes Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach)
  3. Rosie Pulls it Alone - Based on Rosie's Funfair Special (includes Rosie and two funfair trucks)
  4. Emily and her Coaches - Based on Emily's New Coaches (includes Emily and her two coaches)
  5. Gordon and the Express - Based on Gordon Runs Dry (includes Gordon, two Green Express Passenger Coaches, and Green Express Brake Coach)
  6. Mavis and the Quarry Trucks - Based on Mavis (includes Mavis and three Ffarquhar Quarry Trucks)
  7. Edward Passenger Set - Based on Edward's Exploit (includes Edward and three orange branch line coaches)
  8. James and the Coal Cars - Based on James and the Foolish Freight Cars (includes James, two giggling troublesome trucks, and a brakevan)
  9. Percy and the Mail - From Day of the Diesels (includes Percy, three mail cars and a brakevan)
  10. Douglas and the Coaches - From The Missing Coach (includes Donald and a Red Express Passenger Coach and a Red Express Brake Coach)

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