The engines will be based off christmas, Halloween, and easter

  • Thomas (Santa hat, reindeer anltlers, witch hat, wizard hat, white bunny ears)
  • percy (elf hat, ear muffs, fez hat, jester hat, brown bunny ears)
  • gator (red top hat, scarf, green spikes, green wings, black bunny ears)
  • Timothy (white top hat, fuzzy hat, pirate hat, eye patch, grey bunny ears)
  • Stanley (yellow top hat, red winter hat, bat ears, mask, spotted bunny ears)

They will have a special truck with cargo like pumpkins, Easter eggs, presents, scarecrow, candy canes, and other related holiday decorations. The box will say mystery engine and will be like the hotwheels mystery cars. The engine will also be in holiday colors or wearing a hat.

This will apply to all mystery engines design.

  • Christmas lights
  • chocolate spots
  • spider webs

The special cars with cargo

  • red and green truck (candy canes, presents, firewood)
  • spider web covered flatbed (pumkins, scarecrow, spider webs)
  • chocolate covered truck (easter eggs, candy, paint)

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