• Raoulfan6

    Take-n-Play doesn't just have to be about Thomas. Not by a long shot. Take Along went beyond Thomas and Friends and now Take-n-Play is doing it too! Here are some Take-n-Play Ideas.

    Classic - Classic involves simple Take-n-Play trains that are for beginners who are starting out. They are compatible with any set. The idea was derived from the Brio Wooden Railway Series.

    City - City is a new category with buildings and roads for layouts. Based on the Motor Max Dyna City layout system, the vehicles can go in and out of the buildings. Alot of the buildings are based on real companies.

    Vehicles - Vehicles are here, now! They include cars from all sorts of makes and models. 

    Passenger Train Series - This section is for Take-n-Play fans who insist on…

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  • Raoulfan6

    Ok! Hello everybody! This is me, Brandon from chat! I have a big question for you. Now all of you know that it has always been annoying and it still annoys me that the only coaches in the Take Along/Take-n-Play history that were ever made were Thomas's coaches, Annie and Clarabel. I would have included Daisy, but she is a locomotive. So my big question is.............. Do you think they will ever make mor passenger carriages for Take-n-Play? I think they will, do you! Leave your answer in the comment section below

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  • Raoulfan6

    Rolling Stock Ideas

    July 9, 2013 by Raoulfan6

    Here are some rolling stock ideas I had. I have to put them in single packs like the real ones. My dream is that Fisher-Price will come across these ideas and make them someday. *The Box Car

    • The Cattle Truck
    • The Tidmouth Milk Tanker
    • The Sodor Fuel Tanker
    • Henrietta
    • Emily's Coach
    • The Utility Wagon
    • The Sodor Railway Caboose
    • The Oil Tanker 
    • Gordon's Express Coach

    .......feel free to comment below for more ideas so I can add them on. 

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