Take-n-Play doesn't just have to be about Thomas. Not by a long shot. Take Along went beyond Thomas and Friends and now Take-n-Play is doing it too! Here are some Take-n-Play Ideas.

Classic - Classic involves simple Take-n-Play trains that are for beginners who are starting out. They are compatible with any set. The idea was derived from the Brio Wooden Railway Series.

City - City is a new category with buildings and roads for layouts. Based on the Motor Max Dyna City layout system, the vehicles can go in and out of the buildings. Alot of the buildings are based on real companies.

Vehicles - Vehicles are here, now! They include cars from all sorts of makes and models. 

Passenger Train Series - This section is for Take-n-Play fans who insist on passenger train travel. These are based on passenger trains from the real world such as the Amtrak, Super Chief, SuperCity, TGV, Silver Streak, Silver Bullet, Skyliner and the Eurostar. 

Freight Rail Works - Children and even adult collectors who like freight trains come to this category. It includes engines from lots of freight rail companies such as BNSF Railway, CSX Transportation, Maersk, and Santa Fe.

Railways of America - If you like American Railways, then come here! There are trains from the Baltimore and Ohio, Union Pacific, New York Central, and Pennsylvania Railroads and so much more. 

World Railways - This is the range for railways all around the globe. 

Rapid Transit - The rapid transit systems of the world need recognition too! From the Washington Metro to the New York City Subway. To the Tokyo Metro and the London Underground. If you like subways then, this is the system for you. 

Thomas and Friends - Of course, what is a train system without America's favorite number 1 tank engine, Thomas. 

Chuggington - This series is based on the British Children's series, Chuggington. 

Hollywood - These are other trains from famous TV Shows. Some of these, you may notice such as the Polar Express, Hogwarts Express, Stephenson from Cars 2, and the Mega Rig Train from Toy Story 3

Cars - This theme is based on the famous Disney and Pixar series, Cars.

Planes - This theme is based on the famous Disney and Pixar series, Planes.

Fast and Furious - For you adult collectors out there, you might want to consider collecting some of these motorized vehicles for your collection.

Bob the Builder - This is based on the British Television series Bob the Builder.

Theodore Tugboat - Based on the hit children's series, Theodore Tugboat. 

Create Your Own Vehicle - Create your own train. You can use scrap parts from left over trains or build an engine from the top down using pieces from the previous categories. 

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